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Service & Sport: Land


The best way to become acquainted with the island of Elba is on foot. The paths are all beautiful, and there are many treks crisscrossing the island and each one will lead you to places of surprising beauty, through the extraordinary and varied sea and mountain landscapes of Elba.


All the roads on the island of Elba are suitable for bicycle tours: the roads are pictures, the destinations fascinating, there are cool pine forests or lush woods ideal for a refreshing pause, and of course, the sea is nearby everywhere. The island's terrain is mostly mountainous and the up-and-down roads are a delight for mountain-bikers who will find a seemingly endless number of perfect paths.


How about sharing a day with a reliable compaio ? Elba's paths are ideal for riding, the perfect way to combine a love of nature ana a most natural mode of transportation. There are excursions of varying length, from a few hours to entire days, through mountains and hills, plains forests and beaches with no risk of seeing a monotonous landscape. Local agencies, ranches or riding stables can arrange rides for several days to tour the entire island on horse-back and camping out in a different place each night.