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Tour of Casa Campanella

Short trip: 3.7 km medium intensity, landscaping. Keep the archery field on the left and cross a 50 m path to enter in a dirt road downhill towards the provincial. Very rare car traffic. After about 400 mt turn left onto a wide path in the country yard, here it is easy to meet other runners or even tourists returning from the sea. The trail is flat up to 1.3 km where you turn left onto the asphalt road and you start to climb. At 1.7 pm you reach camping "Le Calanchiole" and the climb begins to become serious but with several shadow parts. Cars drive slowly here and it is easy to meet other runners (mainly going downhill, it is easier :-) or tourists with the dog. After 2.5 km you approach the summit with two extraordinary spots on Porto Azzurro. At 2.9 the climb is almost finished, the road is narrow and you will see in the distance the little church that indicates the road to Casa Campanella on your left. Run down by making sure you not to slip. Go ahead in front of a couple of villas with possible barking dogs with no worries, so you will get the last descent in the direction of the Elba flag (the white flag, with a red strip and three bees). Short, but intense and with wonderful landscapes. You can do it twice.

Record 1 Lap Men
1) 16 min. 37 sec. Thomas Hannon - Cambridge (UK) 16/08/2022
2) 17 min. 20 sec. Luca Mapelli - Vailate (CR) 12/7/2023
3) 19 min. 39 sec. Stefano - Peccioli (PI) 28/8/2017
4) 20 min. 48 sec. Marcello Lanzi - Alatri 05/06/2023
5) 22 min. 03 sec. Claudio - Milano 6/7/2017

Record 1 Lap Women: (update 02.07.2021)
1) 19 min. 30 sec. Claire Hannon - Cambridge (UK) 15/08/2022

Record 2 laps: (update 02.07.2021)
1) 36 min. 47 sec. Thomas Hannon - Cambridge (UK) 16/08/2022
2) 39 min. 00 sec. Luca Mapelli - Vailate (CR) 2/7/2021
3) 40 min. 41 sec. Stefano - Peccioli (PI) 28/8/2017